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At Stop Wasting Energy At Home Inc we are dedicated to saving you money on your monthly energy bills.  We focus our efforts on saving you money on your electric bill. The SAT-D energy recycler is a great way for homeowners and business owners to save 20-30 percent guaranteed on their monthly energy bills guaranteed*.

We have installed hundreds of SAT-D energy recyclers in the Illinois area with very satisfied customers. Our customers save on average 20-30 percent sometimes more.

What else does the SAT-D do for me and my home or business?


·         Whole house surge and spike protection (up to 2000 joules) that can save thousands on computer equipment, monitors, TV and other electronics alone including security systems!

·         Acts as a voltage regulator for the entire home.

·         Captures surges and spikes and actually stores that current for future use.

·         Appliance motors run significantly cooler extending their life.

·         The product will be well on its way to paying for itself by the 180 day mark.

·         Produces monthly dividends for up to 20 years.

·         180 days to see for yourself and if you are not 100% satisfied we will return your money.


A few words from the manufacturer about the product and about how it works:

In simple terms, the motor driven appliances in your home use a large initial jolt of electric current in order to merely start up. This large "jolt" is called inductive current.

The inductive current comes from the electrical storage capacitors on the electrical poles closest to your home. The power company sends more than enough current to start these appliances and you are billed for the entire amount even though (up until now) you could not use it.

This is all legal and unregulated as well. This overflow of “billable current” is called "reactive energy" or reactive power and it flows back (in .005 nano seconds) to the power company’s storage capacitors at the power pole, to be sent to other customers and so on.

This is a pretty good deal for the utility company (who use the same technology that our product is based upon) to reclaim and redistribute the unused power that you just paid for and was impossible to use. SAT-D corrects this one-way-ticket.

SAT-D is linked to your panel box by a plug-in at the clothes dryer receptacle (which is hard wired to the panel box) or directly connected via a water tight connection (and an electrician). 

The SAT-D contains its own storage capacitor and then becomes the closest storage for this reactive current that the motors can’t use or store.

Because electricity takes the path of least resistance, the SAT-D collects and stores the reactive current before it can return to the utility company's storage capacitors at the pole.

The home's other appliance motors get their initial jolt equal to the normal inductive current from your SAT-D and not the power company. This allows our customers to save, accumulate and recycle more than enough current to operate the motor driven appliances in their homes free from most of the unregulated current and the unused power which flows backwards and forwards in the power lines.

Installation is quick and only takes about 30 minutes. Please consider all of the questions we ask when placing your order because these questions directly relate with the installation materials that will be needed when our service installers come out to install your product.

Our questions broken down a little bit further:

What type of residence do you live in?

Here we ask this question we know what type of residence to expect.  Since the SAT-D is a special order custom product, we need to know what type of residence we will be installing it at.

Who is the manufacturer of your electrical panel breaker box? ( GE, Siemens, Murray, Reliance Controls, Generac, Connecticut Electric, Cummins Onan, Eaton Cutler-Hammer, NXG, Square D, Eaton or other).

We ask this question because we need to know what kind of breakers we will need to install our product. Each brand is different.

Is the wall where your main breaker is installed finished or unfinished?

This question is aimed to give our installers an idea of where they will be installing the SAT-D.

Is there room in your breaker box?

Some older homes have full breaker boxes. If your box is full we will need to install a sub-panel.

SAT-D installation requires a 12 inch by 12 inch space for the SAT-D to mount. Is there a 12 inch by 12 inch space within a two foot perimeter of the breaker box?

We require a 12x12 inch space somewhere around your breaker box for installation of the SAT-D.

Do you have space in your electric panel box?

We need to know if there is space for the SAT-D to be installed, if not a sub-panel will be needed.

Do you have more than 1 main breaker box in your home? (There is an additional fee for each additional SAT-D device).

If your home has multiple breaker boxes then you will need a SAT-D for each box.

Do you have an electric dryer?

Our installers need to know if you have a electric dryer because electric dryers need a special connection specially if they are located over 16 feet away from the breaker box.

Is the dryer receptacle plug more than 16 feet from the panel box? (Skip if you do not have an electric dryer)

Read above...

What is your highest KW (Kilowatt) usage from the previous 12 months? Please provide amount and month.

What is your lowest KW (Kilowatt) usage from the previous 12 months? Please provide amount and month.

We need to know your highest and lowest KW usage from your electric bills over the last 12 months.

Amount of heated livable space in square feet (sq ft)? (no car ports, no porches or garages, we are only looking for heated leaving space).

An accurate calculation of the square feet of the home is crucial in making your custom SAT-D device. If this is off then your savings will not be as great.